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These compounds not only allow this oil to exhibit strong therapeutic properties such as peppermint, hypotensive, tonic, astringent, anti-inflammatory, anti-infection, sedative, carminative, vulnerary, antispasmodic, and antidepressant properties but also makes it a powerful, potent remedy for termite treatment by imparting its insecticidal properties. Why it Works As we all know the oil of litsea cubeba is made up of compounds that are citral , namely geraniol and neral that enable it to display insecticidal properties.

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In an experiment to establish the insecticidal properties of two essential oils, it was inferred that litsea cubeba essential oil (derived by the steam distillation of the fruits acquired from the corresponding plant) demonstrated strong activity against the insect pests such as termites (5 2, 5 ).How to Apply Litsea Cubeba Oil is among those wonderful remedies to get rid of termites.

Now, use a paintbrush to use this onto the area. As an alternative, you might even prepare a termite-repellant litsea cubeba oil spray. Transfer 10 drops of 1% litsea cubeba oil/ carrier oil mix in a cup of water. Pour into the spray bottle and shake to mix the ingredients.

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Make sure to shake it well while using and keep it in a safe distance from the eyes and nose as it will irritate the mucous membrane.1 5. Carum Carvi Essential Oil Carum Carvi is another title for Caraway, which is applied as a herbal remedy for a wide array of ailments.

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Carum Carvi plant is native to the areas of West Asia along with central west and north Europe. The essential oil of this herb is obtained by the steam distillation of dried ripe seeds and has been a mixture of compounds including furfural , Cumuninc aldehyde, Acetaldehyde, carvone, and limonene. This petroleum finds its mention in medicine system for a remedy for health related issues.

This is mainly because of the presence of compounds such as D-limonene and (R)-Carvone (5 6). This is the reason that on implementing independently along with the two 6 essential oils, the Carum Carvi crucial oil shown strong activity against the Western termites (5 7). The evaluation also verified that Carum Carvi Vital oil can be intentionally used by you as a fumigant to achieve best results for the termite infested areas.

You can simply mix some Carum Carvi oil as well as the seeds with the soil to repel the termites from being damaged, and protect the trees along with other objects. As an alternative, you can combine several drops of Carum Carvi oil .

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Once prepared, spray the insecticide hence prepared to the termite-infested place for successful results.1 6. Cedarwood Essential Oil Cedar Oil can be counted as another miracle essential oil that provides a sigh of relief to those men and women who have been affected sleepless nights due to termite infestation and functions as an entire DIY termite treatment (5 8).

It's majorly made up of compounds like a combination of sesquiterpenes, and alpha-cedrene cedrol, widdrol, thujopsene. These compounds help curative properties are exhibited by the oil and make sure its use. Why it Works An experiment conducted to find the anti-termite efficacy of some vital oils establishes that cedarwood oil among other essential oils may be used to kill the termites and exemplifies that a hundred per cent mortality when applied (5 9).

On being subjected to this cedarwood oil, the termites are attracted to the odor that triggers suicidal tendencies and also overwhelms the breathing procedure. It causes their spiracles or the breathing pores to obstruct thus interfering with the breathing. This, finally induces the termites to die. Additionally, cedarwood oil causes larvae and the check it out termite eggs to dissolve thus limiting their inhabitants.

The way to Apply You are able to exploit cedarwood oil's anti-termite benefits by surface coating the items that are wooden with it. Be certain that you pay attention to ends and the cracks of the objects. You can also spray some amount of this cedarwood oil onto the mandatory regions to deter the termites.1 7. Eucalyptus Globulus Essential Oil or Camphor Oil Known with multiple names like blue gum , southern blue-gum, or blue gum, Eucalyptus Globulus is an evergreen tree native to Australia.

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Eucalyptus Globulus' essential oil is expressed from the leaves of this tree and enjoys a time-tested reputation for its resistance boosting capacities. This oil is chiefly extracted for its curative properties and consists mainly of the compounds like Eucalyptol (or 1, 8-cineole) that makes up its 70-90 percent part.

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